Posted on Sunday, October 4, 2020

#059. Handler

Monster Hunter



Monster Hunter (モンスターハンター)
First appearance: 2018

Requested by HazyFlame

Like most games, Monster Hunter World has a few rough patches.* But I bet you nobody will complain about repeated voice clips if you just replace them all with mmphs!

(* I have not played it, I'm just going off what I was told)

TAGS: 2020, patreon requests, rope bindings, tape wrap gags, monster hunter

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Comments (5)


Maybe I'll be able to hear myself think while out on a hunt now, thank you!

Great work, keep it up!


I'd actually take this over trying to skip repeated lines any day ;)

Thanks again! This came out amazing! ^^


She is a cutey and a bit underrated she deserves more love!^^


I really do like handler, she gets too much hate


Me too and i cant understand the hate couse she is cute and has a nice design^.^

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