About the Yearbook
The Damsel Yearbook is an ongoing art project by me, Rosierosa, where I draw fanart portraits of fictional characters tied up. More specifically, it's a massive tribute to all the classic "damsels in distress" that inspired not only me, but an entire community of artists, writers and other creatives.

Some entries are "classics" that everyone knows. Others are my personal favourites. Still others were requested by the public, either through my art live streams or through Patreon. All in all, I aim to represent a wide array of different properties—comics, shows, video games, occasionally even novels.

If you like, you can find more of my art on my main website.
I can also be found on the following sites:
· Twitter
· Pillowfort
· Pixiv

You can also drop me a line at superrosachan@gmail.com.
About the site
This website is not just a place to host the drawings, it is part of the artwork itself. The "Yearbook" section is specifically designed to be viewed in the style of, indeed, a yearbook. Other sections are ancillary.

The entire site was coded by me in Notepad++ so I can have complete control over the way it is displayed and the way it functions behind the scenes. Admittedly, this means it probably doesn't display properly on certain devices as there is no premade solution in place that automatically accounts for these things. That being said, you really should just view the site on a desktop computer because the entire idea of a yearbook layout wouldn't work on a phone anyway.

Planned future additions to the website include:

"The Damsel Yearbook" and all art on this website is copyright © Rosierosa unless noted otherwise.
This site is based around fanart of characters from various media, which belong to their respective copyright holders. None of the art is officially endorsed by said copyright holders.