Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2020

#045. Haru Koyama

JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World

Haru Koyama


JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World (JKハルは異世界で娼婦になった)
First appearance: 2017

Requested by Anonymous A

You know how occasionally I'll do a little extra on a Yearbook entry? This one got a little bit out of hand. The patron who requested this one has stood by me through thick and thin and often gives me a little extra, so I have no problem returning the favor—but as I was trying to figure out what gag to use, I ended up just doing both ideas in addition to the ungagged version. @.@ I won't make a habit of it, I do have to get these things out on time!

Anyway, this is Haru Koyama from the light novel JK Haru Is A Sex Worker In Another World, which I recommend. Getting to draw Haru was an interesting challenge, because the book doesn't have illustrations. Even though Haru does have an official character design from book covers and the manga adaptation, it's not what I had in my head while I was reading, so I was able to translate my own sense of her presence into the drawing.

Additionally, while I've drawn damsels with wildly varying reactions to being featured in the Yearbook, this is the first woman for whom it's a professional engagement, which is a totally different angle.

Alternate versions:
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Comments (7)


thought that was Makoto from Persona 5


... Oh my god, I finally understand why this really obscure character got so many faves @.@


Can you please make more commisions with her?


Well, if someone commissions her, sure! :V I'm not open right now, but once I'm a little less busy I'll post about it.


I'll be honest I would love to take this girl to prom if I could




Quite an adorable cutie.

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