Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

#174. Miranda Vanderbilt

Monster Prom

Miranda Vanderbilt

Monster Prom
First appearance: 2018

Requested by WarioNumberOne

July's Patreon request for WarioNumberOne takes us to Monster Prom, which isn't a game I know much about, but I do like getting to switch up the ol' art style in my drawings.

TAGS: 2022, patreon requests, rope bindings, otm gags, monster prom

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Comments (5)


omg, someone finally drew her!

Now what about the frankenstein monster girl? (vicky? i forget her name)


The same patron said they want to request more Monster Prom girls, so perhaps it will happen!


Oooh interesting cutie, this is the first time I’ve heard and seen a bondage art of her. Would be nice to see more X3


She’s a cutie 😍


Oh wow, this is the first DID pic I’ve seen of Miranda. Nice work.

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