Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

#118. Alexandria



First appearance: 2012

Requested by WarioNumberOne

Another Worm girl joins the Yearbook courtesy of (who else) WarioNumberOne.

I was given a really impressive piece of fanart as a reference (remember, there's no official art for Worm) that looked like it could be from a superhero comic, so I let that inspire the coloring a bit. Pretty cool, right?

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So cool! This must be quite an interesting experience for Alexandria, she is so used to being "the boss", the one in control and invulnerable, but now she can't move freely around and the only sound that comes out of her confident mouth are helpless "Mmmph! Mmph!".

Good work! <3


It seems like all of the Worm girls in the Yearbook thus far have had some level of irony in their predicament, whether it be having their powers backfire and bind them up, having bonds that counter their powers or being bound with stuff that references their powers.


I have the feeling that Alexandria still is very dangerous even like this. Some more binds would not hurt, perhaps try some chloroform to make she sleep for a while.;)


Worm does have at least 2 pieces of "semi-offical" art. The author comissioned a pic for his Patreon banner that has Taylor front and center. There's also a pic of Tattletale that he gave feedback on.

I used both of these as the main refs when I made my comission to nivek15. It looks like they were also used for the appearances of those characters in this series.


I see. I haven't read Worm myself, so I'm going entirely off what @WarioNumberOne has told me, which is that all the references he gave me are fan art.


Well, he wasn't wrong. Only the banner art can really be said to not be fanart, and even then an argument can be made that it is.

When I made my comission I had to use fanart for leg and footwear refs as both pics cut off above the knees. Plus the civilian outfits were 100% taken from fanart.


Interesting fact. In canon, the clothing of Alexandria is not indestructible. And she must wear steel underwear. This idea excites me.


Great work and a very cool idea, I've recently become partial to glowing gags myself! Perhaps we should start a business? XD


Now you've got me thinking about an Etsy store where they sell gags with LED lights in them and I kinda love the idea.

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