Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

#009. Yuzuriha

Under Night In-Birth



Under Night In-Birth (アンダーナイトインヴァース)
First appearance: 2012
Birthday: July 20

Requested by Anonymous C

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Love the new Adora gagged! :love:




Great Job, Nice, HI


Ooh it's always nice to see Yuzuriha! She's definitely a cutie, especially with that "big personality" ;3

Ray and Adora are pretty awesome to see here as well, there really isnt much DiD art of them, especially Adora. ):

You'd think that a show with a primarily female cast would have more DiD art of it ^^;


Well, as you might expect, a lot of bondage artists really prioritize the T&A, so they're probably not big fans of the She-Ra reboot. As for Ray... well, I admit I haven't seen any Yu-Gi-Oh since the original series, but I understand Ray technically kinda doesn't have a lot of screentime?


Yeah that's true and a bit unfortunate but it is what it is ^^;

But it makes it more awesome that you did this one :D

Also true for Ray but despite the short screen time which was reeeally short

from what I looked up is still quite popular in terms of Yugioh girls which isn't

much since unless you're Aki Izayoi or Dark Magician Girl you dont really count.

Which goes back to your first statement haha.


That blonde girl from GX got quite a bit of DID attention too, didn't she?


Oh yeah that's true I somehow forgot about her ^^;

Definitely, Alexis/Asuka has a ton of DiD art on her haha. Helps that she has both the looks and

that she kinda falls into the damsel trope toward the end of GX haha. Ironically, I know most of the

yugioh girls because of DiD art. Everytime I see I damsel I like I always look up their backstories :)


I'm too lazy to look stuff up, but I've definitely gotten to know some damsels from the sheer volume of DID art they get. Sometimes it's kind of a funny feeling when I see a character I know from fanart all fully animated and voiced.


Ha yeah, I get ya, it's just a weird habit of mine where i'm like 'I gotta know who they are!" xD

Same and coincidently that applies to Yuzuriha here ^^; I found her through some DiD art of her

and when I saw some footage of Uniel of someone using her it kinda left me with a funny feeling lol.

In a way it made the DiD art better because now I can "hear" her "mmphs" and stuff in her voice ^^;

Weird, I know haha.


Yes! Yuzuriha is hot.


I've never played her series but I might have to try it!


;) Nice.

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