Posted on Monday, March 1, 2021

#087. Rosa Farrell

Final Fantasy

Rosa Joanna Farrell


Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー)
First appearance: 1991

Requested by Another0079

When you rescue Rosa in Final Fantasy IV, she comes equipped with "Prison Clothes". I like her regular outfit too much, but you can always accessorize!

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Comments (8)


She's absolutely gorgeous!! :jawdrop: :love:


One of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, nicely done! It would've been cool if you could somehow have incorporated the deathtrap she's in in the original game, but this is great too!


That wouldn't have been very feasible in a Yearbook frame--but if I draw her again in the future, I might just do that!


Rescuing a damsel who comes with a bonus prisoner outfit is so far the most convincing argument I've heard to play Final Fantasy.

...I really don't like RPGs ^^;


Rosa drawing Rosa.... hmmm.

(banned user)

Hey! It prevents sleep so, it had uses xD

But yeah! Right on! Rosa! I love these year book stuff :D Keep at it!

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