Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

#075. Lisa Wilbourn


Lisa Wilbourn

First appearance: 2011
Also known as: Tattletale

Requested by WarioNumberOne

Another Worm girl gets the treatment, this time with villainess Tattletale finding herself on the wrong end of the law.

TAGS: 2021, patreon requests, zip ties, tape wrap gags, worm

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A lot of trouble for the Antagonists could have been avoided if someone have done this earlier. XD

Anyway, Lisa is so pretty like this❤

I hope you do more fanarts of Worm in the future, they are awesome. :3


I haven't read any Worm myself, but one of my patrons is a big fan--I wouldn't be surprised if he requests more in the future! ^.^


Lisa's power lets her make massive leaps in logic and generally be right. She mainly uses it to discover physical or mental weaknesses in her enemies. She says that she wields the most dangerous weapon of all: information. Of course, if she can't share that information...


It's nice seeing them get "the treatment."


Worm has so much damsel potential that is only being tapped recently. After seeing the Worm entries in the Yearbook, I decided to make a comission to that gives a more traditional "treatment" to Lisa and Taylor.


It's surprising that we haven't seen more of Lisa in damsel art, seeing that a gag effectively nullifies her tactics.

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