Posted on Monday, January 4, 2021

#073. Deedlit

Record of Lodoss War



Record of Lodoss War (ロードス島戦記)
First appearance: 1988

Same story as with Celica—this was based on a really old sketch and recently I tweaked the colors. I think the original colors were color-dropped from Deedlit in the Trees, which in turn was based on a screenshot from the anime. The muted film colors worked well there, not so much here. Also, if you compare this to the original sketch, I learned how to draw low angles a bit better, heheh.

TAGS: 2021, cleave gags, record of lodoss war

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Comments (3)

(banned user)

Ohhhhh shit! It's freaking Deedlit! I love the attention giving to her!

Also, LOVE how she's chewing on that thick gag. xD Thanks for sharing!


I love me some Deed!

(banned user)

I understand you 103% :D

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