Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#063. Taylor Hebert


Taylor Hebert

First appearance: 2011
Also known as: Skitter

Requested by WarioNumberOne

The main character of Worm finds her powers backfiring.

TAGS: 2020, patreon requests, web bindings, web gags, worm

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Don't be upset Taylor! You are amazing like this! :D


Can't disagree with that! ^.^


It’s been a while since I commissioned this, but I still absolutely love the subtle, understated aura of being 100% done Taylor is giving off in this pic. Like, she isn’t really visibly angry, but you just know someone is getting drowned in bees the moment she gets out of this.


Taylor in a damsel situation gives off a pretty unique feeling. Most damsels either give up on escape and hope to be rescued or struggle ineffectively while glaring daggers. Taylor feels like she would bide her time, looking for any opportunity to free herself while also being in the perfect position to launch a surprise attack. Combine that with her reputation and I can imagine her captors being quite unnerved.

"No way, I ain't going in that room. I don't care if she's stuck to to wall like a barnacle and I don't care that we're gonna truss her up like a turkey. That's still Skitter in there. We could wrap her up like Tutankhamun and she'd still be able to kill us all!"


She's a Master with Shaker and Thinker tendencies. She doesn't even need to get out of this to drown someone in bees.


Unless, of course, someone’s temporarily overridden her powers with something akin to that Tinkertech swarmbox Coil used against her, and that’s the reason she’s in this situation in the first place...


You must have described her well if I pulled that off!


Worm is a good series

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