Posted on Monday, November 7, 2022

#187. Ann Takamaki


Ann Takamaki


Persona (ペルソナ)
First appearance: 2016
Birthday: November 12
Also known as: Panther

Alright, here's a special one! I first did Ann for the Yearbook ALL the way at the beginning. But that was her Phantom Thief outfit. Later on I got a few Patreon requests for other P5 girls in their regular outfits, and they happened to all get bound up in the same way.

I ended up doing one of my "tapestry" plans where you can put all of them together, but this required me to make a second Ann to fit, so here she is! There is also a good old "extra bit" beyond the borders of the frame, because it'll make it easier to line up all the characters later. However, I haven't made the actual tapestry yet because it took me a LONG time to get from the beginning to the end and I'll have to tweak some of the older stuff. I'll probably do it after I get to #200.

Alternate versions:
TAGS: 2022, tape bindings, tape wrap gags, persona, shin megami tensei

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Comments (3)


Beautiful 😍


Ha, I was waiting to see when Ann would make her debut in the yearbook! Now everyone is here! ^^


very beautiful! glad to see Ann back in the yearbook, in her sexy regular outfit! 10/10

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