Posted on Monday, August 15, 2022

#171. Tron Bonne

Mega Man Legends

Tron Bonne


Mega Man Legends (ロックマンDASH)
First appearance: 1997

Requested by mrsinv1

And now for something completely different! No, really—there couldn't be much more of a contrast between drawing a realistically rendered lady like Aloy and then moving straight to a Mega Man character. Anyway, here's the infamous villainess from the Legends games, who I was told to give a very big, layered gag! Hope you like ^.^

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Lab Notes;

- Tron! One of my favorite Mega Man damsels!

- That big layer gag will certainly keep that big mouth shut!

- It will certainly make it harder for her to order her Servbots around.


Now this is a character I can get behind!



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