Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

#164. Misato Katsuragi

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato Katsuragi

葛城 ミサト

Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン)
First appearance: 1995
Birthday: December 8

Misato from Evangelion finds herself, er, convinced to join the Damsel Yearbook in the wake of Asuka and Rei.

This is based on one of the Really Old Sketches From The Distant Year 2018. Although I redrew it completely as always, the angle and pose were already pretty good. Normally I stick pretty closely to a character's iconic outfit, but I made a slight modification here. >w> I also rather like how the tape came out. I hope I can replicate that in the future.

Alternate versions:
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Comments (6)


Marvelously captured captain misato.


Love, love, lovvvvvvve it!!




So Misato is finally there too, the top 3 girl of Evangelion are now in the Damsel Yearbook.

Great art as always Rosierosa, i love her clothes, even if you make some alternation, she still look hot and sexy, love her expression, Misato isn't the kind of woman to be happy being in bondage without consent, thought i believe she is kidnapped or arrested for a fake crime and she isn't happy about it (there is still a chance Kaji trick her and put her in that situation) and finally, love her handcuff and gag, not everyday i see handcuff over the head, definitly good to show off the body, as she is really sexy, that tape gag is definitly sticky and it staying there, i'm willing to bet that the handcuff and tape gag were made by her friend Ritsuko or else Misato would already be out or try to struugle herself out of it instead of looking angrily at her captor.

Hope to see more of your art soon.


I like the idea of it being her getting arrested for a fake crime. Perfectly fits why she's handcuffed, and the tape is there as her right to remain silent of course.


Very nice

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