Posted on Thursday, April 29, 2021

#104. Makoto Niijima


Makoto Niijima

新島 真

Persona (ペルソナ)
First appearance: 2016
Birthday: April 23
Also known as: Queen

One of my patrons asked me to draw whoever I liked, as long as I kept them up to date with progress. Thank you very much! ^.^

I decided to draw Makoto from Persona 5, because for quite a while now I've wanted to draw all the Phantom Thieves in a way that they could be combined into one picture. It started when two different patrons happened to ask for Futaba and Kasumi in a really similar predicament and I happened to draw them in such a way that they could be combined. I've since sketched out Haru as well, and Makoto here adds another notch.

"But what about Ann?" you may ask. "Didn't you draw her way back when and it looked different?" You're right! Ann is going to be the first girl who gets drawn twice in the Yearbook, because she'll need a different perspective and be drawn in her regular outfit instead of the Panther getup from before. Ann is my favourite, so I think it'll be worth it. ^.^

I might also tweak the older drawings a little bit.... I don't want to be a total revisionist, but I want to make sure they fit nicely together. We'll see about all that in the future, though!

Alternate versions:
TAGS: 2021, tape bindings, tape wrap gags, persona, shin megami tensei

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Comments (4)


She's beautiful, I love her Brown hair and red eyes!




Yes....I am rather pleased with this result....

Makoto is best girl (for me at least; all the P5 kids are good kids ^^)


Super great job! I love it so much!

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