Dark mode + previously unreleased stuff!

Posted on Sunday, August 27, 2023
The Damsel Yearbook site now has a dark mode implemented! Just click the little sun button in the top right to use it.

Implementing this wasn't easy, as I had to re-export much of the Yearbook to get rid of the yellow borders so the images would look correct with any background color. While doing this, I took the opportunity to fix other issues and ended up finding a bunch of previously unreleased content. Here's a full rundown:

Content changes & additions:
  • Re-exported large swathes of the Yearbook:
    • Yellow borders removed
    • Resizing issues fixed; jagged lines on small versions of certain images are now smooth
  • Fixed leaking colors, which were invisible without dark mode
  • Fixed coloring oversights:
    • 004 Rena Lanford
    • 199 Caeda
    • 219 R. Mika (topless variant)
  • Rediscovered and/or restored lost variants:
    • 004 Ann Takamaki - maskless, uncropped, maskless uncropped
    • 013 Morrigan Aensland - finished and readded head wings as an alt
    • 015 Chun-Li - finished and readded cropped underboob as default
    • 019 Blake Belladonna - ungagged
    • 026 Osakabehime - exposed version fixed and readded
    • 039 Cassie - uncropped
    • 052 Kyoko Kirigiri - uncropped
    • 061 Android 21 - uncropped

Site additions:
  • "full version" alts now link to the main site instead of a separate version of the image
  • 001 Sophitia Alexandra - fittingly now has a full version link
  • 016 Akane Tsunemori - uncropped version was previously found by clicking on the cropped version, now linked as an alt

Other notes:
  • Most alts have not yet been re-exported without the yellow border as the site currently just links to the raw image anyway. These will be re-exported later.
  • The date captions in the commentary section have been temporarily removed pending a future update that will display them differently.

I hope you like the new features and new-old content! There will be more updates to the Yearbook in the near future, as we're heading into the 5th anniversary in October!
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