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#192. Yukihana Lamy


Filter update posted on 2022-11-03
The filter options on the Yearbook page have been updated to include more franchises. Generally, I want every franchise that has more than one entry to have a filter option.

Reached a milestone posted on 2022-03-14
With entry #157, Sara from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated movie, I have finished page 5 of the Yearbook!

What exactly does that mean? Well, I draw the Yearbook on a series of grids (usually 4x4). Because of various reasons, a number of Yearbook entries stayed as sketches for a really long time, so I could never move these grids out of my "Current Projects" folder. But now that Sara is finished, "page 5" can finally go into the "Finished" folder.

If you want to see just how long it's been in there, take a look at the full page on the right! (Click for the full view)

The difference from one drawing to another is pretty crazy, isn't it?

Look to the left! posted on 2022-02-14
The main page now displays the latest Yearbook entry. I haven't yet decided where I want to put the random entries, though.

Big 150! posted on 2022-01-07
We've reached 150 entries in the Yearbook! They're now all available to see here on the site.

I've also added more franchises to the filter dropdown box. The idea is to include every franchise I've done multiple entries for, but I may have missed some.

Among the features I still want to add are a way to view the site fully in Japanese (most of the content has Japanese equivalents, I'm just not fluent enough to make sure everything displays correctly) and a thing that will randomly display a few drawings on this page. All in good time, though!

Testing, 1 2 3! posted on 2021-12-09
Welcome to the Damsel Yearbook website!

It's still a work in progress, so a lot of stuff is missing or might not work properly. Right now though, you should be able to view the main attraction just fine! You can see every Yearbook drawing since the beginning on the "Yearbook" page, and if you want to look something up really quickly, there's the "List" page with a text-only view.


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