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New horizons posted on 2023-03-02
Due to ongoing health issues, I have retooled my Patreon. As part of this, I am no longer offering Damsel Yearbook requests as a tier reward. I also intend to take a short break from the Damsel Yearbook altogether once all of my current backlog (requests & unfinished sketches) have been completed, currently estimated at #220.

However, in the future I intend to offer Damsel Yearbook slots as individual commissions. Please look forward to more information when the time comes.

Checking in posted on 2022-12-05
Earlier this year I posted about the 4x4 grids that I do my Yearbook work on. Today I posted Yae Miko, who is the last entry on page 13, so I thought it would be fun to look at my progress.

Back in March, when I made that post, I still had 20 unfinished sketches across five pages. Some of those sketches were pretty terrible too! Today, only 5 of those unfinished sketches remain.

It's worth noting that after page 11, I started being more careful about leaving unfinished work. On page 12, I mostly did work entirely for my own sake. I did do a few stream drawings, but I made sure to finish them completely instead of only sketching them. When I started taking Patreon requests again, I started page 13, even though there was still room on page 12, so that I could easily differentiate between what sort of work I was doing.

As a result, pages 12 and 13 are cleanly finished without anything lingering for ages. Maybe that's not terribly interesting to read about, but for someone like me who struggles with ADHD, having a system like this and having it actually work for an extended period of time is very significant.

All of my waffling aside, I hope you continue to enjoy the Damsel Yearbook. We'll be reaching 200 drawings very soon!

Filter update posted on 2022-11-03
The filter options on the Yearbook page have been updated to include more franchises. Generally, I want every franchise that has more than one entry to have a filter option.

Reached a milestone posted on 2022-03-14
With entry #157, Sara from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated movie, I have finished page 5 of the Yearbook!

What exactly does that mean? Well, I draw the Yearbook on a series of grids (usually 4x4). Because of various reasons, a number of Yearbook entries stayed as sketches for a really long time, so I could never move these grids out of my "Current Projects" folder. But now that Sara is finished, "page 5" can finally go into the "Finished" folder.

If you want to see just how long it's been in there, take a look at the full page on the right! (Click for the full view)

The difference from one drawing to another is pretty crazy, isn't it?

Look to the left! posted on 2022-02-14
The main page now displays the latest Yearbook entry. I haven't yet decided where I want to put the random entries, though.

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